A Brood is a group of Cicadians who come together with the common goal of enlightenment for themselves, their brood, their community, and mankind as a whole. Broods of Cicadians, much like broods of the periodical cicadas from which we take our name, remain hidden beneath the surface of mainstream society. Until the time has come when it is time for all Cicadians to emerge.

Finding a Brood

We have set up an experimental online brood at Telegram. Check @cicadians. We also have a subreddit: /r/cicadian/.

We will observe members' conversations and accept suggestions for this site as long as they are voted on and accepted by the broods.

We are accepting applications for brood founders and will help cicadians looking for broods listing their links here. All future founders will have to be accepted by vote in the current broods. We do not have a plan on how to coordinate physical broods. cicadian at rise up dot net.

Forming a Brood

Any time more than one Cicadian come together with the common goal of enlightenment, a temporary autonomous brood is formed. With intentionality and repitition, brood formation is a natural result of communion within the Cicadian fellowship.

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